Branches of Physiotherapy

Musulo-skeletal physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Physiotherapy:

Musculo skeletal physiotherapist specially trained in hand on manual therapy approaches and postural correction methods. The main objectives are Mechanical diagnosis of pain and mechanical correction, addressing the pain producing structure, treating the pain and break the pain – spasm – pain cycle and prevention of recurrence.

Joint Replacement Physiotherapy:

Joint replacement in knee joint, hip joint and shoulder joints are a gifted treatment for arthritis and accidents. The joint replacement surgery leads to reduction in mobility, reduction in muscle strength. Physiotherapist can make u as better as before by exercise and CPM equipment’s.

Sports Physiotherapy:

Sports physiotherapist specially trained in on field management, periodization and sports specific training. The main objectives are field management according to PRICE principle (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Modalities, Medication), Sports taping, Kinesio taping, functional sports specific rehabilitation and returning to sports.

Rheumatologic Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapist specially trained in handling arthritis, soft tissue pain like myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. The main objectives are break pain-spasm- pain, prevention of deformity, joint protection technique, energy conservation techniques, occupational and functional correction.

Neurological Physiotherapy:

Neurological physiotherapists are specially trained in neuro- rehabilitation approaches. The main objectives of treatments are maximizing the functional recovery by neuro rehabilitation approaches in brain circulatory problems or degenerative problems. comprehensive re-education exercise in peripheral nerve injuries, functional re-education and energy conservation methods in degenerative, inflammatory and infection brain injuries, optimizing function and adaptive training in case of spinal cord injuries.

Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy:

Cardio respiratory physiotherapists are specially trained in ICU, Post surgical management, conservative cardiac and respiratory management. The main objectives of treatments are prevention of cardiac and respiratory complications in rich peoples rehabilitate the post cardio / respiratory surgical rehabilitation, Bronchial hygiene, postural drainage and promoting lung health.

Gynaecological physiotherapy:

Gynaecological physiotherapist are specially trained in handling pregnant women and women related problems like Dysmenorrhoea, PCOS, prolapsed uterus and other related complications. The main objective is to prescribe the exercise according to the specific criteria and need according to the evidence.

Geriatric physiotherapy:

In recent era, the medical advances increasing the normal human life expectancy from 60 years to 90 years now. In contrast, age related complication also increasing rapidly. Fall, muscle weakness, forward posture, arthritis, pain are the common age related complication needs regular exercise to overcome it. Our physiotherapist can design the specific home programme for you and do the same as supervised exercise programme for short time.