Facilities & Infrastructures

The Sivasakahti Hi-Tech Physiotherapy Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital and has well equipped therapeutic gymnasium. This hospital is committed to provide standard Physiotherapy treatments and quality care. Quality care involves specialized techniques, instrumentation, infrastructure and knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Services are provided on a 24 X 7 basis for all illnesses that require urgent attention. Special care is given to the neurological conditions that needs Physiotherapeutic treatment such as Stroke, Spinal cord Injuries, Head injury a GBS.

  • First time in Tamilnadu, Hitech Physiotherapy treatment for Paralysis, Post Traumatic Head Injury and Tracheostomy.
  • 24/7 Nursing care.
  • Expertized and Experienced Doctor Advice.
  • Sivasakthi Physio Hospital is provided with Restaurant with homely food, Inside pharmacy, Park and Recreation Auditorium for the Inpatients in a very natural beauty environment.

Patients Are Treated

Walking Training
Fitness Counseling
Music Therapy
Balance Training
Diet Counseling
Psychological Counseling
Recreational Therapy
Pager Positioning Table
Specialist Visits
Education Technique
Speech Therapy
Modern Equipment
Group Therapy

Nursing Care Services

Well equipped Hi- Tec physiotherapy center

First time in India invites you for a new experience of rehabilitation and achievement in physiotherapy. Our rehabilitation center is a well equipped Hi- Tec physiotherapy center with well ventilated rooms and exercise in the natural setting help in relaxing both mind and body we provide both inpatient and outpatient services.

Our hospital OPD consists of well furnished equipments and treatment modalities. We provide inpatient services with well ventilated room which provide a homely set up to the patient with 100 beds and furnished instruments and facilities.


Course Offered by The Sivasakthi Physiotherapy Hospital & Siva sakthi Institute of Paramedical Sciences.